The RoverMed CUSP nanocapsule drug delivery platform has unmatched versatility for targeting challenging diseases.
RoverMed technology is the LEADING non-viral solution that delivers therapeutics to the nucleus of the target cell.
RoverMed Nanotechnology will enable the newest class of drugs.

Business Model

Market Breakthrough: Technology with Unprecedented Possibilities.

RoverMed has developed targeted, twenty nanometer nanocapsule technology capable of reaching the most challenging disease sites and delivering cargo – intact – into the nucleus of target cells, regardless of where these cells are located in the body.

RoverMed’s nanocapsule technology has been proven, through years of intensive research and development, by Minnesota-based GeneSegues Therapeutics. A precision target drug delivery platform has been developed initially for solid tumor cancers of the head and neck, prostate, and colon. RoverMed is now applying this technology toward a broader spectrum of treatment applications, in partnership with larger drug developers, in order to expand the acceptance, use and impact on a host of new, exciting applications.

  • RoverMed technology will enable the newest classes of drugs – those highly dependent upon targeting, reaching and treating diseases from inside the cell.
  • RoverMed nanocapsule technology is 3X smaller than liposomes and carries therapeutics across biologic barriers and into the nuclei of the targeted cells – no matter where they are located in the body.
  • RoverMed technology is the leading non-viral technology that can achieve this unequalled delivery efficiency, precision targeting, and effectiveness.

RoverMed Partners: Lower Costs. Faster Development of Opportunities.

RoverMed technology opportunities are being advanced through engagement with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, resulting in immediate revenue, lower costs and dramatically lower financial risk. RoverMed enables the success of pharmaceutical companies by incorporating their drugs in our delivery vehicle, which is readily modified – and customized – for different cell targets as needed. The goal: to help our pharmaceutical partners get their life-changing and live-saving drugs to exactly the right place in the body as efficiently as possible.

  • Our business model dramatically lowers risk when compared to a proprietary drug development investment.
  • Our focus on pharmaceutical partner development contracts will create revenue more quickly and help reduce shareholder dilution.
  • Our partner contracts also benefit RoverMed’s R&D efforts by contributing significant development expertise and funding which lowers our costs and opens multiple opportunities for RoverMed technology in multiple diseases with growing drug markets.
  • RoverMed licenses several patents on the nanocapsule technology and holds a valuable trade secret portfolio.