Value Driving Versatility

Versatile Technology:
CUSP Technology is Versatile and Scalable Nanotechnology.

No other drug delivery technology performs on the level of RoverMed’s Crystalline Ultra-Small Particle (CUSP) technology. We deliver:

Multiple Cargos

Different kinds of DNA and RNA for cancer therapies, gene therapies, gene-editing, RNAi, immuno-oncology, vaccines, etc. There is virtually no disease that can’t be treated with DNA or RNA therapies if the therapies can be delivered and the target is known.

Multiple Disease Targets

Proteins, Peptides, Carbohydrates, and Antibodies can be readily employed to target different diseases – a significant competitive delivery advantage as well as attraction for new partners.

Multiple Methods

Intravenous, Subcutaneous, Topical or Device – enhances drug efficacy and patient convenience.

Competitive Advantage
CUSP Technology Reaches the Nucleus of the Cell.

Uniquely provides intact delivery of nucleic acid drug cargos to challenging disease sites using a versatile, precision ligand-targeted platform.

CUSP Capsule Platform

Unmatched versatility for challenging disease sites:

  • Any protein, peptide, carbohydrate or antibody to target disease cells

RNA/DNA Drug Cargo

Cargo can be virtually any type of nucleic acid to:

  • Inhibit Protein (RNAi)
  • Edit DNA (CRISPR)
  • Restore Protein (Gene Therapy)
  • Vaccinate (Plasmid DNA)

Novel Therapeutic

A powerful combination of a partner’s drug with our targeted delivery system will enable therapeutic success for the next generation of drugs for unmet patient needs!